To Create Dynamic Sensory Experiences

Globactive exists because of our people and their passion for creating dynamic audio, video and lighting experiences. We design, integrate, and install with enthusiasm and our memorable live productions honor the integrity of the venue in which we work and perform. 

Wired with a genuine company culture and camaraderie, we at Globactive strive to amaze our clients, to provide value, and to earn your respect and trust. 

To Be Known For Our People, Creativity, And Expertise

Globactive is committed to leveraging our industry’s demands so that we may be pioneers of future technologies, striving to broaden our scope of work and raise industry standards on a path to strong, sustainable growth.

While ever-conscious of the company’s authentic and enthusiastic culture, Globactive aims to be recognized as a nationally trusted brand for Technology Integration, Live Events, and Rental Services.

Our People Make Us Who We Are

We love our people. We are proud of our team. They are the vital heartbeat that keeps us alive. At the core of Globactive is our unique company culture based on mutual respect and a dedication to excellence. We love what we do and we do it well.

We believe that if we honor our people and their work, support them in their personal pursuits, allow them flexibility in times of family need, and give them a voice in company progress, then that balance of work and home will translate into healthy, thriving, productive success stories.

We are fortunate that many players on our team have professional or recreational experience in the industry in which we work. These connections help make the design, integration, and event production processes a complement to the passions we already enjoy. They make our conversations with clients authentic.

We challenge each other to lift the standard of our creativity and practices so that we are always growing to provide better experiences. Over-delivering on a client’s expectations is no longer an exception, but the expected benchmark. It is our job to keep refining that standard as our standard of excellence.